Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cambridge Audio Azur 840W Class XD Power Amplifier, Black

Cambridge Audio Azur 840W Class XD Power Amplifier, Black
The 840W is a high-end power amplifier that has been designed by the same team behind the 840A and uses an evolution of Cambridge Audio's hugely innovative Class XDTM technology for a highly detailed naturally musical performance. The second generation Class XD is now complemented by a new output stage carefully adjusted to integrate with this novel technology, revised balanced inputs for lower distortion and noise. An awesome 200W @ 8 Ohms gives excellent load driving ability or, a truly massive 500W bridged mono can be harnessed for even 'difficult' high-end speakers. At the core of the 840W's strength is a patent pending, Class XD (crossover displacement) technology (first seen in the 840A) and which has been subtly revised following continuing post-launch development and critical evaluation. This unique design gives pure Class A operation at low levels, moving smoothly into an enhanced version of Class B at higher levels. To facilitate this, the Azur 840W amplifier includes a massive,…
Product Features
  • Second generation Class XDTM technology. Two pairs of very high current output transistors per channel in revised configuration for improved integration with Class XD.
  • Breathtaking 200W @ 8 Ohms and 500W into 8 Ohms bridged mono
  • Oversized low flux toroidal transformer with an enormous 1200VA power rating. Twin rectifiers and separate transformer taps for dual mono operation of the left and right power amplifiers
  • RCA and balanced XLR connections which are switchable from the rear panel.
  • Cambridge Audio proprietary CAP5TM protection system


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